Waterproof Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush FB15

Model No





Food Grade Silicone + Plastic

Battery Specifications

300 mAh



Waterproof rating



blue /pink




1 year



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  • A Perfect Hand-Held Cleansing Instrument: A waterproof facial cleansing brush with silicone brush head and five adjustable speed, give you the full range of cleansing, from a gentle cleansing to vigorous deep-cleansing. Suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin, safe and comfortable.
  • Different Internal and External Silicone Brush Head: T-zone cleaning brush, conforming to the contour of the T zone, easier to clean the nose, chin, deep cleansing of facial stains, keep the skin delicate and shiny. The inner circle has a dot-like texture to quickly remove the dirt and dirt on the surface of the facial skin, and the facial foundation is dean.
  • 5-Speed Adjustment: The face cleansing mode has 5 adjustable speeds, suitable for different needs, can meet all skin types. Cleansing instrument using intelligent high frequency vibration technology to effectively remove dirt. And you can choose the appropriate speeds you need when using.
  • Rechargeable and Safe: Hand-held cleansing instrument adopts DC charging interface mode, can run for more than a month after full charging. Made with food grade soft silicone, won’t damage your facial skin, and does not contain any chemically harmful substances. Very safe and practical hand-held powered cleansing brush.
  • IPX6 Waterproof Silicone Brush Device: IPX6 waterproof design, safe to take it in shower or bath without worry. BOLLOVI facial cleansing brush makes it convenient and affordable to get a facial spa. Light weight and portable design allows you to carry it everywhere, keep your face radiant even when you are traveling.