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#1 What’s The Difference Between Aroma Diffuser And Humidifier? How To Choose?

Nowadays, people spend 80% of their time indoors and in air-conditioned rooms. The waste bacteria increase and humidity decreases. More and more household appliances to improve the indoor environment are becoming popular. Humidifiers and aroma diffusers are the two of them. They are all fogged and water added. What’s the difference? How should I choose?

< From Function >

Aroma diffuser: Ultrasonic aroma diffuser is specially designed for essential oil users. Pure plant essential oils and purified water can be added to the cavity. After adding essential oils, it can not only increase air humidity, but also emit fragrance molecules. Depending on the composition of the essential oil, it can play different roles.

Humidifier: The main function of the humidifier is to humidify, and only clean water can be added.

< From Materials >

Aroma Diffuser: Since most of the pure plant essential oils are acidic, they tend to be corrosive to ordinary plastic containers. Therefore, most of the aroma diffusers are made of PP. The chips, wafer spoons and atomizers of the aroma diffusers are specially developed for essential oils, which are resistant to oil, water, and chemical corrosion. Therefore, putting the essential oil in the aroma diffuser can thoroughly use each drop of aromatherapy essence, and very quickly distribute the aromatherapy molecules to every corner. It can be used safely.

Humidifier: Ordinary humidifiers use ABS or AS plastic materials as the water tank. The main medium used is water, which is not resistant to the corrosion of essential oils. Long-term use with essential oil will cause the water tank to be corroded and cause rupture. It may also produce toxic gases released into the air, affecting Healthy of body.

< From Water Tank >

Aroma diffuser: The essential oil aromatherapy machine is specially designed for essential oil users, with a simple structure design, which is convenient for users to clean and maintain.

Humidifier: The humidifier basically has a water supply tank design, and the internal design of the water cavity is slightly complicated.


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